Gifted & Talented Art Day

On Wednesday the 7th August, 12 students were chosen from Years 5 and 6 to go to St Edward’s College as part of a Gifted & Talented Art day. We spent the day with Miss Evans learning new creative techniques for visual art, photography and photo shopping. We created a “wet on wet” art work with water colours, black sharpies and white posca pens.

Whilst their art work was drying, we created another art work using a technique called etching. We then went into the school’s dark room and learnt how to take photographs and develop film. Afterwards,we went outside and took a range of different photos of the wharf and school surrounds. Miss Evans and the Year 11 boys showed us how to use Photoshop to enhance their quality of the photos.

Finally we went into a room and took portrait photos using only a candle to light up our faces in the dark. We all had lots of fun on the day and learnt a range of new techniques, tips and lots more.