Principal’s Message

Our Lady of the Rosary School is fast becoming a school with a very strong reputation in curriculum design and innovation. We know what it takes to develop the minds of today’s learners.

We are the first school in the local area to introduce Harvard University’s “Cultures of Thinking” paradigm of learning.

Cultures of Thinking

Cultures of Thinking is about developing students’ thinking dispositions, with a need to make students’ thinking visible through a classroom and school culture that supports and shapes strong learning. We do this by specifically modelling routines for students to use to solve difficult and challenging problems, to break open content and to dig deeper into big ideas and concepts. We can truly say that our students are highly engaged as a result of being in a Cultures of Thinking environment.

It Takes a Village

We understand the concept that it takes a village to raise a child and have taken the best attributes of educational advancement from Finland and interwoven it with the grit emphasised in the Singaporean education system, so that we can offer the best of an Australian education for our local context.

Computer Coding Starts in Kindergarten

Our school is one of the first to have a coding curriculum from K-6. We are well equipped with the latest value adding technology and all of our staff are highly trained.

Sport & Art Programs

Our sporting and arts programs on offer allow for children with individual ability to develop to the highest of levels. We have many current students who have been selected in Polding and State squads and we also have students who have performed to a multiple of audiences and events either in dancing, singing or playing an instrument.

Extra Curricula

Our school caters for dancers, singers, chess players, coders, keyboard players, artists and much more.

Developing the Whole Child – Emotionally and Socially

We are mindful that in developing the whole child that we need to focus on the affective domains of emotional and social development. We teach positive behaviours for learning and emotional intelligence to all of the students. There are also specific programs such as Rock n Water and Seasons for Growth that addresses the needs of students for all stages of learning.

Celebrating Our Strong Academic Credentials

Our Lady of the Rosary school has strong academic credentials in the local area and is a school that has much to celebrate. Come and see what all the fuss is about! Come and join a progressive Catholic school where we believe in a God of Good and where all children are Alive and Aware in their faith and helped to develop into wonderful human beings.


Frank Cohen