Stationary List 2024

OLR 2024 Student Supplies

Please see the essential student supplies for the upcoming school year at Our Lady of the Rosary in 2024. Ensure your child is well-prepared for success by checking out the comprehensive list of supplies provided below. From uniforms to books, we’ve got you covered to make the back-to-school transition smooth and stress-free. Let’s gear up for a year of learning, growth, and achievement together!


Library Bag Paint Shirt/Smock

6 Large Glue Sticks (BluStik)

1 Pack of Thick Bullet Whiteboard Markers

2 Packs of Twist Up or Twistable Crayons

2 Boxes of Tissues

2 Packets of Wet Wipes


Coloured Pencils or Twistable Crayons Pack Textas

2 Highlighters 1 Pack of Whiteboard Markers

6 Large Glue Sticks

Scissors and Ruler

1 Medium Pencil Case Pair of small earphones/headphones

Library Bag Art Shirt

2 Packs of Wet Wipes 2 Boxes of Tissues

Year 2 & Year 3

10 x HB & 2 x 2B Pencils Sharpener

2 Erasers 4 Glue Sticks

2 Highlighters 1 Pack of Whiteboard Markers Set of Textas

2 Black Sharpies (Year 3 only) 1 Fine Black Felt Tip Pen 2 Red and 2 Blue Biros

(Year 3 only) 2 Packets of Post-It Notes

(Year 3 only) Ruler 2 Boxes of Tissues 2 Packets of Wet Wipes

Library Bag

Scissors Art/Paint Shirt Pencil Case Coloured Pencils or Wind-up Crayons Wired Headphones for Computer

Dictionary (Oxford pocket Dictionary & Thesaurus or Macquarie Little Dictionary or Collins Australian School Dictionary)

Years 4, 5 & 6

Packet of HB Pencils Packet of 2B Pencils Packet of Blue/Red Pens Packet of Textas

1 Pack of 4 Whiteboard Markers 1 Packet of Assorted Highlighters Packet of Coloured Pencils/Crayons

1 Black Felt Tip Pen 4 Glue Sticks Scissors, Pencil Sharpener, 2 Erasers

Geometry Set Clear 30cm Plastic Ruler

2 Black Sharpies 5 Pads of Post-It Notes

Senior Dictionary and Thesaurus Pencil Case Library Bag Earphones Computer Mouse (optional) Calculator

2 Packets of Wet Wipes 2 Boxes of Tissues