Year 6 Public Speaking

Recently, as part of their learning in English, all Year 6 students prepared a three minute speech. The students were given a list of topics from which to choose. They presented their speech in front of their classmates and ten children were chosen as finalists.

The finalists delivered a three-minute prepared speech, and were then given ten minutes to prepare a one minute impromptu speech.

Thank you to three teachers from our neighbouring Catholic high schools – Tim Hildebrandt from St Peter’s at Tuggerah, Anne Lovett from St Joseph’s at East Gosford and Katie Moon from St Edward’s at East Gosford, who were the adjudicators on the day. They commented on the high quality of the speeches. Congratulations to Sienna who was awarded First place and Ira who came second.  Sienna’s prepared topic was ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes, the way, and shows the way’, whilst Ira’s topic was ‘Is technology making us smarter or dumber?’

Thank you also to a number of our Year 6 students who acted as helpers on the day – welcomers, timekeepers, announcers etc – all these children did a great job.

Pictured below are the ten finalists along with the adjudicators.