FREE Webinar – Practical Parenting in a Pandemic

Practical Parenting in a Pandemic – A special webinar with Maggie Dent

Broken Bay Catholic Schools Parents is offering a FREE Maggie Dent webinar which also includes two free ebooks and several audio tracks.

In this webinar, parenting author, educator and resilience specialist Maggie Dent explores the layers of stress, anxiety and grief for families that have been created by this pandemic.

Maggie looks at the impact this long haul is having on our capacity for coping and addresses some key issues such as;

  • How to keep on building strength and resilience with small steps that will prepare you for the months ahead.
  • Tips for transitioning your children through the staggered return back to school and face-to-ace learning.
  • The dynamics of loss and change – and how you can navigate them.
  • Understanding and managing your own stress/warning signs and what to do about them.

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