Home Based Learning

Welcome to Our Lady of the Rosary Home Based Class pages. This site is designed to provide your children with suggested activities to choose from, to support their Home-based learning. Students are encouraged to choose activities from different Key Learning Areas. We would advise that students complete Maths and English activities in the morning when they are more alert. Students may want to keep a diary to record their experiences and feelings during this time. This is a great way to, not only practice their writing but to also gauge their emotional state.

If the situation changes and all schools are instructed to close, we will move to Home Based Learning. Home-based learning will look very different from what is currently on this website. We are still in the planning phase of what this might look like and will keep you informed.

Please remember that not all learning is school-based. There are many activities your child can do at home to enhance their development. The following are just a few of the many activities your child can try:

· Help with cooking; perfect for practising procedures

· Count items in, and organise drawers, shelves etc.

· Write letters to family members – particularly useful in this time of isolation

· Learn a new skill e.g. knit / crochet / work with wood etc.

· Younger children could learn to tie shoelaces

· Do some gardening

· Play board games

· Paint a picture

· Listen to your children read, read to and with your child

· Watch a movie

· Listen to Podcasts

Breaking up their schoolwork with outdoor play is important too. Their minds need a break